Coloured Bird Coasters


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Wooden coasters made from one of a variety of Australian (veneer timbers) including Myrtle, Ash and Jarrah in gift box

Six different stylized coloured bird designs printed onto a rnatural coloured timber round coaster

Bird designs include:  fairy wren, cockatoo, pardalote, rainbow lorikeet, kookaburra and galah

Colour and type of native timber may vary to one pictured

Coasters are sealed to protect against staining and in order to resist heat

Hand wash only

Presented  in a recycled card gift box 9.5cm x 9.5cm

NOTE: Many different timbers are used, so please let us choose one for you

Material: An Australian native sustainably harvested timber veneer in recycled cardboard presentation box

Size: 9cm diameter

Made in: Victoria, Australia. Family owned and run business



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