Eclectus Parrot Toy Female with Red Head


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Female Eclectus Parrot soft toy with red head and body, realistic face and fine feather detail

The head twists side to side and the red and blue body is very detailed

Free standing life-sized toy with soft body with hand applied feather detail

Detailed with red “feathers”, grey hooked beak and life-like shiny eyes

Realistic feet and claws and separate tail feathers showing red and royal blue detail

Hand crafted, all new materials and stuffed with recycled PVC bottles

To clean wipe with soft cloth with soap and warm water, wipe off, leave to dry then brush gently

Recommended for ages 3 years and up

We carry the male (green) Eclectus parrot and many other Australian parrot toys subject to availability

Material: Synthetic fibres, stuffed with recycled PVC plastic

Size: standing height 18 cm, 29 cm head to end tail, 10 cm w

Weight:  110 gm

Made in: The Philippines, designed inn Australia

Made By: Hansa Creation