Pure Emu Oil 50ml


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100% Pure Australian Emu Oil is natural with no added ingredients and is hypo-allergenic

Emu Oil has excellent penetrating and anti-inflammatory properties and acts quickly to relieve symptoms

Targets and eases symptoms rapidly from:  arthritis, joint pain, burns, scarring,eczema, psoriasis,dermatitis, cradle cap and nappy rash

Emu oil can promote the regeneration of skin tissue and has a multitude of uses

Emu Oil is very economical as only a tiny amount is required to be effective and it can safely be applied to broken skin

Apply sparingly to affected area 2 – 3 times daily as it is easily absorbed

Keep in a normal household environment away from excessive heat and light and oil will then remain effective well beyond the ‘Best Before’ date

Emu oil will thicken up in cold weather, gently warm the container to return to liquid

Comes in a strong airless plastic leak proof bottle

Also in 100ml size subject to availability

Information available in Chinese

Material: 100% Pure Australian Emu Oil (naturally contains Omega 3,6,7,9 and Vitamins A,D,E,F & K2

Made By: Emu Tracks

Made In: South Australia, owner run business

Size: 50ml



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