Barn Owl Soft Toy


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Australia’s nocturnal Barn Owl is found all over Australia and Tasmania

This free-standing owl stuffed animal is gorgeous

Did you know when the barn owl flies it is silent? Most other flying birds’ wings make sounds as they fly

Articulated head rotates and has strong grey beak on soft, firm cream body with spots

Back has fine feather detail on this soft toy with realistic feet and claws

Detailed face with pale beak and cheeks with life-like shiny eyes

Hand crafted, all new materials

To clean wipe with soft cloth with soap and warm water, wipe off, leave to dry then brush gently

Recommended for ages 3 years and up

(Barn Owls worldwide are believed to be the most widespread land bird on Earth, occurring on every continent except Antarctica)

Material: Synthetic fibres

Size:  29 cm standing height

Weight:   195 gms

Made in: The Philippines, designed in Australia

Made By: Hansa Creation