Blue Wren Ceramic Sculpture 1


This sculpture has been sold but you can have one custom made for you based on a similar natural piece of wood

Flexible tail made from hand patterned lead which can be gently shaped

Ceramic hand sculpted bird stands on metal legs with lead talons

The males’ plumage is blue and apparently changes at breeding season (females are always brown/beige)

Hand sculpted wall hanging ceramic sculpture on natural Mallee root

Fired glazes are permanent

Sculpture may be placed outdoors in a very sheltered position

Material: Ceramic on sustainably collected Mallee Root cleaned and heat treated (fine for export), attached to the base with Araldite and metal pins.

Size: 13cm h x 4.5cm w x 7cm depth (creature) 44cm l x 20cm w x 9cm depth (sculpture)

Measurements are approximate

Weight: 600gm

Creator: Damien Santamaria

Made in: Victoria, Australia, family run business.

SKU: DS-310W-BW-1